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A Butler® Building: The Ultimate Building System

Every building owner has one goal in mind-to complete construction quickly and keep maintenance to a minimum. Nothing delivers this objective better than a facility using Butler building systems.

*Uniquely qualified.

CIMED and Butler are uniquely qualified to provide "turn-key" medical facilities. We are proud to present high quality, pre-engineered, fully-equipped healthcare clinics and hospitals for use around the world. Each of our facilities has been carefully designed to efficiently deliver the health care services for which they were designed.

Constructing world-class buildings demands world-class manufacturing facilities. All Butler engineering and building manufacturing operations in the United States, China, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia have received ISO 9001 Certification-the global standard for manufacturing excellence. The Butler facility in Hungary is currently completing ISO certification. Butler's commercial structures also meet the strict standards specified by CIMED for medical facilities.

*You will save time and money.

CIMEDs medical designs, built using the Butler building system, can save planning time and engineering and design costs. You do not have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to designing a medical facility. Butler plants around the world fabricate and stock building systems ready for timely shipment to your jobsite. Construction goes faster because Butler systems are designed to fit together quickly and without expensive field work and on-site modifications. Construction time can be cut as much as 40% over ordinary construction methods. You will be into your new medical facility quicker-with lower initial construction costs and reduced financing costs.

*You will get a building that performs.

Butler building systems have been tested by Butler research specialists and used on tens of thousands of buildings around the world. For example, the MR-24 double-lock, standing seam roof system has been used on over a billion square feet of buildings. The MR-24 system can be guaranteed weathertight for 20 years. Youll save every year on roof maintenance costs and headaches.

*Outside: Your choice.

The appearance of your new building is a critical factor. You tell CIMED/Butler what youd like and we will build it. Butler's structural systems are designed to give you complete freedom in planning: Exteriors of wood, brick, stone or glass are just as familiar to Butler as our efficient steel wall systems. The Vistawall® architectural products by Butler can offer custom-designed curtain wall systems combining stunning beauty with state-of-the-art technology.

*Control energy costs.

Insulation is just part of Butler's approach to total energy design. Your CIMED constructed Butler building includes the proper amount of insulation without passing the point of diminishing returns. Butler buildings can accommodate the most efficiently sized heating and cooling equipment for your medical facilities. You will save thousands of dollars through lower equipment costs and lower fuel bills.

*Worldwide support.

Butler has authorized Butler Builders, a network of independent contractors in over 1000 communities throughout the United States and in 50 countries outside the US to give you unequaled turnkey service. Your Butler Builder is eager to help you realize your goal of an affordable, efficient, state of the art medical facility.

A Bulter Building

A Bulter Building

A Bulter Building

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